Dad and Evan

Hi there and thanks for taking time to read our page.

Laketouringaustralia.com originated from the the first letter of each of our names and we also enjoy touring and love Australia.

I am Anthony, my wife Keera and the two littlest Luke and Evan.

We have been in professional roles for 20 plus years we have decided to cut our stress levels and teach our two littlest what life is all about so therefore  Luke has been enrolled in distant education and the plan is for them to be involved in the local communities we travel through.

A broader family of 6 the two eldest Cameron and Jessica have university & school commitments and we hope we can have all the family together at some point along our Journey.

We are putting our dream into reality, Luke and Evan are young enough to take out of school to see this great land.

For 10 years we have been wanting to travel but having work commitments, chasing that elusive golden job we found that we were working without living a life so we took a chance!

With a rough couple of years the opportunity presented itself to finally have a crack at our dream.

Being avid campers and 4wdrivers we have charted a number of areas of the outback, recently leading a group across the Simpson desert in June 2018.

Along the way we will look for some work to keep the coin coming in and who knows we may stop in a spot for an extended period.

Keera loves photography so be sure to see many pictures, hope to sell a few as well along the way and I am teaching myself how to right blogs and articles helping others to fulfill their dream.

Again thank you and stay tuned !!