Absorption fridge tip

Travel tip

My first tip of the trip that was provided from a friend and for a small cost will improve your workings of the fridge.

We have a Coromal 696s Element and running a 3 way dometic fridge like so many other vans , you hear stories about how they struggle to keep cool with the heat.

Ours is already fitted with fans to push airflow through, if yours doesn’t have a fan you will need to fit one

1, What we have done is from the back of the fridge vent, remove the bottom vent

2, Discard the white tray

3, Increase the condensate pipe so it runs directly out of the van as per pictures.

4, Then moved the fan temp sensor to the right as this is hotter, the switch is heat activated so essentially you are tricking the sensor to say hey its hot turn the fan on!

5, Refit bottom vent

Bingo your all done

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