It’s here! one month on the road travelling Australia

Hi all and thanks for reading!

We have been on the road about a month now and wanted to share some expenses with you.

Whilst we have covered a lot of miles, we plan to slow down after Darwin.

We left Victoria late August, either free camping, staying with friends, showgrounds or caravan parks.

We have broken our costs so far into six categories Children, Entertainment & eat-out, Transport & auto, Groceries, home and utilities and finally Personal & medical.

What could we have avoided to spend!, firstly not so much alcohol, haha, this came to a whopping $271 dollars. no we are not alcoholics but happy hour is a bugger, next month we need to halve it ! The next is, yes Coffee, how quickly this catches up with you, $ 214. Impulse buying of snack and lunches, another trap at $324.

Caravan parks came in at $300, well under budget of $700 per month as did groceries at $315 per week on a budget of $325.

Some mods to the van at $250. should also be noted.

The greatest expense was of course Diesel at at $1725. We are averaging $0.33 per klm, and using 21 Ltrs/100klm.

So what does this all mean, We set our budget at $5200 per month, we spent over budget by ($400)

If we look at the klm budgeted vs covered this is up by $700, so therefore we need to slow down lol!

We will attempt to halve alcohol so there is $130 saving, drop our coffee and lunches purchased to next to nothing so we should save at least another $400.

What have we learnt? shop at larger regional towns and look for specials. Stock up on things you like, ie coffee. We found using wraps instead of bread, stretched further, this family goes through a loaf a day!

We bought bulk meat and vac packed, saved a lot there. Icepoles for the kids we bought from the supermarket instead of individual.

Use your fuels and gas refill apps, it is surprising how this can affect your costs, for example we found in Rocky did a refill of 9kg for $20, whilst one of the caravan parks was charging $30.

These are just a few ideas, hope it is helpfull

Next month we will aim for reduction, lets see how we go hey!!


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