Keeping cool in the van with a fan!

Hi All

You know it doesn’t matter if you have a new or old van, when you are free camping and you need air circulation, there is nothing better than a fan. 

We found in our new Coromal 696 there was little or no air circulation, especially in the bunk area.

With being in the northern part of the country in October we decided to invest

in 2 Sirocco fans.

What I like about these are there ability to be 360 degree positioning.

The low amp draw and better still they are very quiet and have 3 speed and a timer. One fan was installed over the main bed so we can have this blow toward us at dinner table or on us in bed.

The other is installed up high and this can be swiveled toward us at dinner or into the bunk area.

To power these fans I used 7.5 amp twin and picked up power on the USB and lighting circuits.

I hope this has been useful for you!


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