Month 2 of travelling

Hi All and welcome back !!

We have been on the road 2 months now and wanted to share some expenses with you.

We have had a blast in Darwin, Katherine then over to Kununurra

We have had a great time site seeing and over indulged just a little, it appears we didn’t get our Alcohol budget back in control!

We have broken our costs so far into six categories Children, Entertainment & eat-out, Transport & auto, Groceries, home and utilities and finally Personal & medical.

We knew this month would be a stretch on the budget between alcohol, attractions and eating out we blew our budget, ($1200 and total since we started ($1800)

All in all we have reduced in many areas and now just need to curve the alcohol, haha

The greatest expense was of course Diesel at at $1371. We are averaging $0.34 per klm, and using 20.4 Ltrs/100klm.

We continue to learn along the way, especially with shopping, “buy up with specials”!!, buy bulk if you have the space.

Next month we pick up our new caravan and we have Christmas, therefore we will see how we go !!

In the new year we will start working so we can put a bit more in the kitty

Please feel free to ask any questions should you want more details


See ya later !!


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