North to Darwin from Tennant creek

Heading North

Relaxing a couple of days in Tennant creek we departed North, wanting to be in Darwin by the 2nd October. Speaking with other travelers who said “you must stay at bitter springs”, so we did, four days exactly.

It was a warm drive North, the temperature outside was reading 37. Thank goodness for air conditioning, We received a message over the UHF, another traveler, do you mind if we pass, so they did explaining they were in a hurry to get to camp as their AC had packed it in and they were very hot as it was 40 inside their car. On they went.

Bitter Springs

We arrived at Bitter springs campground to meet up with the passer by, introducing ourselves we set up had a few beverages and got to know Matt and Leigh AKA Trailer park trash. Matt and Leigh, along with their 2 teenage sons, their dog and bird have been travelling for 5 years. They were on their way to Kununarra to assist running one of the caravan parks.

What an amazing place, safe to say this is a jewel of a place, the spring is sensational, so clear and warm, we didn’t want to leave

We also met up with Jay and Robyn and their two little ones Lilian and Henry who were from Port Hedland, the kids played and adults drank and chatted about our adventures. I made up some pasta sauce for the kids to sit down to eat.

We visited Mataranka springs as well, It was nice, has been commercialised unlike Bitter springs, but the bats, yuk, everywhere, the bugger shat on us numerous times. Apparently they are there due to mango’s in the area.








We arrived at Humpty Doo and set up in the back yard of Lyn and Dennis’s place, they are on 6 acres, setting the van up and relaxing for the next couple of weeks..

We did a sunset tour, went fishing in Darwin harbour, visited the Museum of NT. Lunch in the Botanical gardens an afternoon in the war museum and the kids enjoyed the Wave pool and Bitter springs

Darwin is a fantastic place to visit and it was starting to heat up. My thought of finding work and staying up there for a wet was soon coming to a realisation I didn’t want too, nor did Keera. We decided to start heading west. stayed tuned for the next blog.

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