Our new home

Travelling this great land we realized one big thing !!, its bloody big and some of the best places are “off the beaten track. We attempted a few time to head up dirt tracks but this was only going to result in one thing, a busted caravan. Some of the corrugations were that deep you could’ve bathed in them.

We decided to stay on the road a little longer, like another 18months or so. We discussed the option for an off road van but it needed to tick the boxes and allow us to get off the beaten track. We set a list of musts, wants, nice too’s.

After creating a comprehensive list we started shopping and after 2 weeks or so we found a new “show” family van built by Kedron Caravans. Hmmm interesting we are in Coral bay WA and this van is in Brisbane QLD. It ticked all bar 3 of the items so we said lets do it !!

This is late October mind you, so off we go to Perth driving past spots saying “we’ll be back”. We arrived in Perth and started to unload the van.  Filled 7 tea-chest and freighted them to Kedron then filled the back of the car and every crevice known to man.

After the van was gone we stayed with Mike and Natalie, always enjoyable catching up with these guys as well as Jayden, Harrison and Blair.

What better way to travel to brissie in a car loaded to gunnels, 700k plus days and a not a lot in between. We took seven days to get to Brisbane arriving at the Brisbane holiday village the day before pick up.

On the Day of pick up we arrived at Kedron about 8 am ish, coffee in the tum and out into the van, viewing our home for the first time was amazing. It is everything we wanted and then some.

Luke and Evan were super excited to jump in their new beds. It was a long day let me tell you but in the end we drove off in our new home.

So our new home is a kedron XC5 22ft full height van, 260 ltrs of water, grey water catchment, full en suite, toilet cute little 2.5kg washing machine, a couple of bunks and a queen bed with an innerspring mattress for mum and dad.

We are spoilt with diesel heating, air conditioning and filtered tap water just for drinking.

Outside we have a spot for everything, genie, chainsaw, kids toys, you name it !

On the roof of 600 watts of solar, shit loads I know!, there is a 1800 watt inverted matched up to a 300 amp/hour lithium power pack, enough power to run the A/C 🙂

Underneath the is 8 shockers and 4 springs to carry the load, engineered like you wouldn’t believe.

We are now fully self sufficient, with power, gas and water, sure we need to stock up on water now and again, however this is far cheaper living than being in a noisy caravan parks

Keera has done as usual an awesome job on making it home and we have some personalised images coming very soon.

A few people to thank, Paul and Sue Hagan for allowing us to use their home as our QLD address for rego of the van, Nat & Mike Fenner for the accommodation prior to leaving Perth and finally the Brisbane holiday village for supporting our transition with a powered site next to the apartment

Thanks for reading and following us on our adventure


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