The clothes line

Hi again !!

Our latest tip is our clothes line. You know travelling Oz you can get away from a lot of things but the bloody washing keeps coming.

Over the years we have tried many different clothes line in the “camping world”, they either blow over, fall apart, take up space or just a pain in the rear.

If you have a caravan with an awning here is a simple hack that will not cost a lot of money.

I call it the awing clothes line, simple hey ! :). It is light and permanent and does a great job!

What do you need?

2 x stainless U brackets (6mm hole)

4 stainless 6mm machine thread bolts, 20 mm

4 stainless nylock nuts to suit

Some window cord, enough to span your awing

2 x carabiners

Now to installing !

Measure down from the top of the awing arm about 100mm, review your internal track brace and ensure there is a good gap so the bolts will not interfere with the slide of the brace.

Mark out both sides and ensure you are happy !! (happy wife happy life!, so they tell me 🙂

Drill 6 mm hole and affix one side to the awning arm, do this to both sides!, have the bolt head on the inside of the awning arm, tighten up the nylocks.

Then finish off the second hole on both sides. With the brackets secured trim off the excess bolts with a hacksaw and smooth off with a file.

Now with the carabiners fix the cord with a clove hitch

Keep the cord short and tight as it will stretch.








If you have a rafter bracket go above this or if not a piece of clothes hanger curved and fitted in the groove of the awning drum will do. Now you have a clothes line


Thank you for reading and I hope you like this tip to use that takes up no space


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