Way out west Rocky to Tennant creek

We left Rocky and headed west taking a scenic detour to Anakie. The gem fields area, staying at the local Caravan Park.

We caught up with some locals and their passion for fossicking, around dinner time the lorikeets came for a feed, cheeky buggers they are.

The following day Keera bought a bucket of wash, shown how to fossick through the gravel and dirt in the hope of finding sapphires and gems. Luke enjoyed sifting through the stones as well finding enough little gems to make at least one ring.



We did an underground tour in Rubyvale with a character that moved there 18 years ago, what a passionate guide. 

A short drive to Jericho and we camped at the all but empty Jordan river. Meeting Colin, Heather and their two grandchildren. Such a lovely couple, the kids played in the dirt and we had a few beverages.



Lake Francis
Sunset out the back of camp Barcaldine
Tree of Knowledge
Lake Francis



Evan feeding Mr Ed

Then onto Barcaldine, a lovely town, there was a bit to do and see. Luke and I enjoyed visiting the local sites, Tree of Knowledge and a Museum out the back of town, drop in and see it, lots of history. The local butcher there is a great, the meat was amazing as were the lamb burgers. We met AJ and Theresa and they were heading west a day early so we decided to catch up with them again.  It was also lovely to enjoy dinner and a few drinks with Ian and Penny Stuart.  2nd catch up in as many weeks, it’s always great seeing you guys.

A short drive to Longreach through Ilfracombe, now sadly the general store and cafe burnt down so please check to see the status. We wish them all the best in their rebuild. Across the road you will see a great selection of machinery that the kids will love.

Staying at Apex park in Longreach whilst it was dusty we couldn’t complain as the drought has hit hard. 

We caught with Georgia and her partner Dan who was both Luke and Evan’s educator at Jenny’s whilst we were at Bendigo.  They had just finished working on a cattle station up north and were heading back home via Longreach.

We visited the local sites, crossed the Tropic of Capricorn and enjoyed feeding the local wildlife. Here is Mu that we were able to feed by hand.

The Qantas Museum had a lot of history and a walk about the plane was interesting. I am not sure what I expected however the 707 was more appealing to walk inside than the 747. This tour in my opinion was a lot of money for what it was, saying that we have done it .

Moving to Camoweel and we camped at lake Francis. Bird life is amazing and a few of the locals weren’t shy in checking out our digs



Camoweel and 3 Junction there is a lot of nothing (Oh, except for the state border!), instead of heading north we went

south to Tennant creek for a day’s stopover.

The Pebbles just north of Tennant Creek are different and the gold museum had an amazing collection of gems. Let me say Tennant Creek was an interesting town, liquor stores open only from 4 – 7 pm, allocations on what you can buy, you MUST flash your ID (even at my age!!) and there is now the introduction of standard drink pricing, making a cask of wine now double the price. This was all new to us.

Well that saw us move along quiet a lot for the week, we are nearly in Darwin and from now we can slooowwww down.

In our next adventure we explore the sites of Darwin, sure it’ll be hot but hey better than whinging about the cold I guess.

Thanks for taking the time to read and please look forward to our next blog.

Our statitics

Fuel:                                $689.56

Total fuel Ltr                    421.65 l

Fuel consumption           20.46 l/100km

Average $/Klm                $0.34





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