Week one, and we are off

Week 1

After moving out of Bendigo Friday night 24th August we set up in Sunbury, decluttered the van to the point there was more outside than in, Keera did an amazing job of asking the basic questions, Do we need it? does it have a second use? What would happen if we didn’t take it?

We wanted to take sufficient of variety of toys for the boys so when Keera asked can we fit the Lego I thought to myself, yep we will not use the hard-plastic box, instead use a zipped shopping bag, fitted very well and the space.

We decided to have a custom box made and fitted from DS custom toolboxes and they did a great job. The design of the box is very simple, enough compartments but without all the slides etc as we wanted  to keep the weight down, the box houses our Generator and power lead, the center has the 2 gas bottles and the remaining box has the Webber, footy, helmets, etc

We bought a fiamma bike rack for an A frame and I had the job of fitting the bike rack to the box I mounted this to the box on blocks of nylon, fits well and is out of the way.

After a late start Wednesday we started our heading toward the Hume Hwy, whilst we aimed for Coolac we arrived at Albury, we need to book the van in as the brakes where getting very hot, in fact arriving at Glenrowan BP the brakes were so hot the paint was blistering on the drums, so after allowing them to cool down, the van was booked in at RV world in Wodonga to be looked at. Overnight we stayed at the Albury Showgrounds, what a great place with an open area, only a few vans in with water and power for $20 per night what a bargain!

Taking the van in the morning we lost a day as the brakes needed replacing due to issues from incorrect

Setup, hats off to the team at RV World, awrvworld.com.au they did a ripper job, and we entertained ourselves and Supa Tramps, allowing the kids to have some fun and for Mum and Day to try and chill out.  So, a second night at Albury and you know where we stayed !

Luke was due to start his distance education classes so we dropped into Miss Naked Cakes

www.cakesbyclare.com.au in Wodonga, a great bunch of Ladies here, coffee was awesome!

Leaving Friday morning at 8 am we headed for Orange, www.visitorange.com.au whilst it was a scenic drive to Orange it was extremely windy, wet and not nice to drive in, we arrived late afternoon and stayed with Nick & Sam and the twins Harrison and Cameron.

Early Saturday morning we watched the boys play Soccer, Brrr, 7 degrees, thank goodness it was only a 1-hour game, Harry was named player of the match.

Sunday we looked at the sites of Lake Canobolas, Mount Canobolas at 1395 mtrs above sea level, Banjo Patterson’s home and the fantastic adventure park for the kids to tire themselves out. A fantastic Father’s Day. Orange is a lovely place, tap on the link to discover more


Week 1 Stats on Diesel

Wk # Weekending Date Total Costs Total Fuel Litres Distance klm Fuel con. Lt/100 klm Ave $/Klm
1 3/09/2022  $ 367.35 244.4 771 21.25  $     0.33




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