Whats your best caravan asset

Hi there again and thank you for reading

When we decided to travel AUSTRALIA we had a few requirements for what would be our home prior to purchasing

1 Queen bed

2 Bunks

3 Separate shower toilet

4 Plenty of solar and batteries

5 Air con and heating

6 And last but not least a washing machine, which is our best asset !

Being a family of 4 with 2 boys 6 and 2 the washing soon mounts up.

We selected our Coromal 696 due to its great layout, the Coromal come equipped with a 2.5 kg Camec front loading washing machine. It seems to do a great job, is very quiet and uses bugger all water.

When we arrive to a destination that has power and water the first thing beside having a drink is getting the washing on.

We have stayed at a number of parks and they charge between $4 and $6 per load.

Now let’s quickly do some math, when at home we would do around 10 loads per week.. In a caravan park that would be about $2000 per year as they have larger washers. So we think it is a great asset to own one.

Now we have a front loader that is built in, but our previous van we bought one for around $300.

So as you can see if you’re a family the use of your own washing machine soon pays off.

What’s your best asset in the van ?  be keen to hear and share with the rest of the group!

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